AbeillonSemi-rigid hoses for audio applications / military or civilian safety helmets

ABEILLON is a designer and manufacturer of semi-rigid hoses for the audio industry. These audio hoses are intended for different uses:

  • A wide range of hoses with small diameters ranging from 2.8 to 6 mm outside:
    • Application microphones, helmets and headsets for the army: infantry helmet, helicopter pilot helmet, shielded pilot helmet, …
    • Application helmets civilian or in the field of security: police, fire, …
  • Hoses 8-10mm outside diameter for conference room microphones.

These different ranges of flexible goosenecks provide comfort of use of the microphone by their maneuverability and their excellent durability.

Several finishes or coatings are available for these hoses: matt black thermo coating, black paint, bright chrome, raw.

Moreover, at the request of the customer, specific tips can be attached to the ends of the hose to add a microphone or fix it on the headset.

Our clients are among the major international contractors in the military, civil and security sectors. They can be designer or manufacturers of microphones or headsets.

AbeillonMicrophone Holders for Broadcasting applications

The company ABEILLON realizes, for the Broadcasting companies, equipment of support of microphone as well as signalling lamps with technology LED, ready to be installed in the broadcasting studio.
This equipment is made from semi-rigid hoses and for some of the microphone supports, rigid tubular elements in the lower part. Various table fixing accessories can be offered. Similarly, various specially designed tips equip the upper part of the support to ensure the proper holding in the microphone position of the “micro audio TECHNICA BP40” type, or “micro SHURE BETA57A” type, or to accommodate an XLR type plug.

Equipment that supports the microphone or signal lamp may be coated with a paint or a matte colour sleeve.

The FLEXI FM catalog offers:

  • Various flexible microphone mounts, ready to be installed – Signal lamps
  • Fixing accessories on table

Other configurations may be proposed depending on integration constraints or particular expectations specific to each radio company. In order to know the different other possibilities that can be implemented, we invite you to contact us so that we can offer you the solution best suited to your needs.