The company ABEILLON supplies equipment for the Broadcasting companies, such as gooseneck for table top microphones, as well as signaling lamps with LED technology, all ready to be installed in the broadcasting studio.

This equipment is made from semi-rigid hoses, also known as flexible gooseneck arm, and for some of the microphone support stands, rigid tubular elements for the lower part for rigid configurations. Various table fixing accessories can also be offered.

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In parallel, ABEILLON offers various specially designed tips to equip the upper part of the support. This stand support is used in order to ensure proper holding of the microphone position, which is suitable for “micro audio TECHNICA BP40” type or “micro SHURE BETA57A” type or to accommodate an XLR type plug.

In order to protect the gooseneck arm part of the microphone, its support stand and its signal lamp, they can be coated with a paint or a matte color sleeve.

Various flexible microphone mounts, ready to be installed – Signal lamps and table fixing accessories.

Other configurations may be proposed depending on integration constraints or particular expectations to each radio company. In order to know other possibilities that can be implemented, we invite you to contact us so that we can offer you the solution best suited to your needs.