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These mechanical supports comprise a semi-rigid hose, or a generally reinforced spring. They are equipped with a mechanical end piece that interfaces with a bearing structure at one end and with a device to be supported at the other end.

A semi-rigid hose-based support is used to obtain a fixed positioning of a device in space. Spring-based support is used to protect a device when it collides with an object.

The semi-rigid hose consists of a spring and a profile. The latter is inserted between each turn of the spring which allows to give it its own mechanical characteristics and to keep a given position in space.

Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

Our semi-rigid hoses are characterized by:

  • The materials: steel or stainless steel spring, profile wire made up of brass or copper- plated steel or galvanized steel,
Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon


Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

Galvanised steel

Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

Cooper Plated steel

  • Outside / inside diameters (in mm): from 2.85 / 0.80 up to 21.00 / 10.00 and 11.00,
  • Ins and outs: end caps or fixing fittings at each end of the support offering many possibilities of connection with your devices (to be agreed among our fittings in stock or case by case depending on the specificity of the need),
  • Possible combination of rigid or reinforcing elements: tubes, reinforcement cuff, other reinforcing elements
  • The implementation of different coating solutions: paint, PVC sleeve, polyolefin sleeve, surface treatments (zinc plating, chrome plating, etc.)
  • Mechanical performance
  • Withstand static load: up to about 3 kg according to
    • The length of the hose,
    • Hose orientation (versions A, B, or C: to see below)
    • Static load and its offset,
    • The frequency of flexion stress,
Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

A version

Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

B version

Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

C version

  • Strength in number of bending cycles ranging from several thousand to more than 10 thousand cycles, depending on the dimensions of the hose and its characteristics

The compromise between the length of the semi-rigid hose, its outside diameter and the weight of the object placed at the end, but also the spatial orientation of the assembly must be respected. For this reason, it is essential to define a specification from the outset, when defining the product (see specifications type ABEILLON).

According to the specified need, a cable or a plastic hose may be installed along the length of the hose inside or outside thereof. If it is an installation inside the hose, various tips can equip the ends of the hose so that the cable or hose enters and exits the gooseneck hose at the required angles.

If the cable or hose is to be installed outside the hose, fastening accessories along the hose can be provided by ABEILLON.

Rigid elements of different lengths, such as right or angled tube, can be fitted to one end or both ends of the hose when it is not necessary to use its specific mechanical properties over part of the height the support device thus formed, or when it is desired to give a specific orientation to the hose or the device that supports it.

Solutions aimed at providing the semi-rigid hose with increased holding capacity can be envisaged. These are mechanical reinforcements that can be proposed on a case-by-case basis, depending on our teams’ knowledge of the customer’s performance and usage configurations.

ABEILLON also controls the design and manufacture of supports whose primary function is to protect the objects supported against violent shocks and while absorbing the energy generated by a shock, the support also has the essential function of damping effectively vibrations and mechanical oscillations caused by the collision between the supported device and a fixed obstacle for example. As an example, this type of support consisting of a spring and a number of other mechanical components is used to support and protect large antennas on board security or military vehicles.

The mechanical support, integrating a semi-rigid hose or a spring, can be dressed by means of a PVC sleeve or of different polyolefin sleeve. All or part of the support assembly may undergo a surface treatment such as chrome plating, zinc plating, or even be painted. It can in some cases be coated with a silicone layer. These sleeves and coatings provide the assembly, besides a satisfactory aesthetic appearance, a protection adapted to the environment of use of the support.

ABEILLON Company offers a number of accessories to complement the media described above. It is among other things:

  • Fixing plates,
  • Fixed, mobile, magnetic bases
  • Fixing clamps on a tubular structure or on a table,
  • Walking feet,
  • Articulated arms,
  • Grommet connections,
  • Swivels with arms or pivot,
  • Clamping accessories on the gooseneck hose,
  • Trays support (remote control for example)

Over the past 70 years, ABEILLON has developed and capitalized technical and industrial know-how that is both diversified and specialized to offer mechanical performance and integration features specific to each customer’s application area.

Thus many know-how in assembly, dimensional shaping, choice of materials or specific technical solutions are mastered and implemented in order to satisfy:

  • A large number of cases of use of supports type Flexible semi-rigid to provide a fixed positioning in space
  • A number of use cases Spring type supports to protect supported devices,
  • A need for equally different performances according to the masses of the devices to be positioned or else according to the conditions of use of the devices to be protected in the event of a collision,
  • A high level of geometrical precisions in connection with the mechanical connection elements with the customer equipment.

Gooseneck Flexibles, Abeillon

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