ABEILLON has developed expertise to meet the needs of the industry for specific solutions. This expertise covers in particular 3 areas of use of semi-rigid hoses:

  • Semi-rigid hoses for machine tools
  • Other fluid ejection applications
  • Flexible hoses for instrumentation

The FLEXIJET product range is generally used on machine tools for ejection of cutting fluids, lubrication and cooling of machined parts.

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These hoses, due to their metal design, have excellent mechanical strength and durability. Inserting a reinforcing sleeve on the hose eliminates any risk of breakage at its base.

It is also possible, for technical or aesthetic reasons, to add an outer sleeve in satin PVC on the FLEXIJET.

The catalog includes:

  • FLEXIJET with fixed nozzle
  • FLEXIJET with interchangeable nozzle
  • Round nozzle to drill
  • Flat nozzle
  • MF sleeve
  • Male tap