The company ABEILLON also offers a wide range of flexible supports to achieve specific sets as needed, for the hospital environment, home care, occupational therapy, gerontology or for medical equipment manufacturers.

These supports are specially designed to meet various constraints imposed by the disability or a specific configuration requested by the patient or by the client.

These flexible supports can be fixed on all types of equipment (wheelchairs, medical equipment, equipment for the disabled and elderly, medical beds) through specific connectivity or not, according to the customer’s request (threads, fittings special, vice grip, and others).

All of our flexible supports are compatible with the use of ANIOS brand products for disinfection.

All our flexible supports are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France and are subject to constant improvement and further development.

For any requests or further information of our products in response to your requests or problems, we suggest you complete the standard specifications or contact our specialists.