As a specialist in the design and manufacture of semirigid flexible tubes, Abeillon has applied its expertise to the audio sector for more than twenty years. With outstanding expertise and a large capacity for adaptation and manufacture, Abeillon provides innovative custom solutions. Abeillon’s competencies in the audio sector cover two areas:

  • MICRO BROADCAST flexible tube supports Abeillon produces microphone brackets and microbroadcast support equipment as well as warning lights for radio stations using LED technology that are ready for installation on studio sets. This equipment is produced using semirigid (gooseneck) tubes, and rigid tube elements for the lower part for some microphone supports. Abeillon offers several table fixing solutions as well as a number of installation solutions and electrical connections for the microphone at the end of the flexible tube support.  It can also be produced in configurations on request according to the particular needs or expectations of each broadcast company. The FLEXI-BROADCAST catalogue offers:
    • Various flexible and ready-for-installation microphone supports
    • Warning lights
    • Accessories for table fixing 

Abeillon flexible tube supports are designed to allow the passage of the microphone electric cable inside, and in terms of appearance and finish the supports can be wholly or partly painted or sleeved. For further information, please get in contact with us so that we can provide a solution that is best adapted to your requirements.

  • Audio flexible tubes for helmets: Abeillon produces semirigid tubes for helmet microphones for audio applications. These flexible tubes are used for varying applications, in particular microphone, helmet and headset applications for the military or police as well as helmet applications for civil use. Depending on client requirements, specific connections can be embedded at the end of the tube for addition of a microphone or for attachment to the helmet or headset.

Abeillon offers a wide range of flexible tubes with diameters adapted for audio applications, from 2.75 to 10 mm exterior, with an outer finish that can be customised according to requirements and the conditions of use.   The biggest names in audio systems for civil and military helmets have trusted Abeillon as a supplier for many years. Abeillon is proud to have over one million active users worldwide as a result of the wide distribution of its solutions in the audio field