The range of accessories for flexible supports ABEILLON




The ABEILLON company offers many accessories for flexible supports. These accessories allow the fixing of hoses in place. They are essential for a variety of applications. They are (mounting plates, fixed, mobile and magnetic bases, clamps for mounting on tubular structure or on table, rolling feet, articulated arms, threaded connectors, ball joints with arm or pivot, clips for mounting on the length of the hose and support plates).






To begin with, mounting brackets are used to attach the hoses to a support, such as a wall or ceiling. They can be made of steel, aluminum or plastic. 


ABEILLON offers several types of bases. 


  • The fixed bases are used to hold the hoses in place. 

They can be made of steel, aluminium or plastic.




  • Mobile bases allow the hoses to be moved to different positions. 



  • Magnetic bases are used to secure hoses to metal surfaces.


Other accessories




To continue, clamps are used to hold hoses in place. They can be used on tubular structures or tables. 


Rolling feet allow the hoses to be moved easily from one place to another.




In addition, articulated arms allow the hoses to be moved to different positions. Grommets are used to connect hoses together. Finally, arm or swivel joints allow hoses to be moved to different positions. Hose clips along the length of the hose allow hoses to be fixed in place. And support trays hold remote controls or other objects in place.




Find the right accessory




In conclusion, it is important to choose the most appropriate accessories for your application. Mounting plates, fixed and mobile bases, magnetic bases, tube or table clamps, rolling feet, articulating arms, grommet fittings, arm or swivel joints, hose length clips and support trays are all important accessories for holding and securing hoses in place. To ensure safe and effective use, please contact us.