Military Antennas & Military Antenna Support

Tactical antennas and tactical antenna support

The company ABEILLON in Paris is a European manufacturer of rugged tactical antennas solutions dedicated for the military industry, with experience in supplying NATO industry for more than 30 years. You’ll find in the below table NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) with available datasheet.

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Military antennas


Tactical antennas and tactical antenna support, Abeillon

Military antenna mounts are essential equipment for armed forces. Our antennas range covers all types of tactical radio, for handheld, as well as man-pack antennas.

ABEILLON designs and manufactures short and ribbons antennas for tactical radio sets in the UHF and VHF frequency ranges, mainly for the defense industry clients or contractors.

These tape whip antennas can be mounted on orientable flexible bases, also manufactured by ABEILLON, to adjust antenna orientation and thus optimize communication quality. It features an AMU (Antenna Matching Unit) module that can be incorporated between the gooseneck and the antenna.

On one hand, thanks to its flexible gooseneck, our tactical antennas are deployable,  which means they are easily bent over and/or rolled over to whichever direction without any damage. On the other hand, its specific coating of the flexible gooseneck allows it to withstand various climatic, chemical or mechanical environment conditions. Constant tests are conducted according to MIL standard military specifications or depending on defense client’s requests.

Also, according to the client’s specific needs, these different models of tape whip antennas can be equipped at their base with specific connectors (metric or british thread, BNC, TNC, N, SMA type connectors…)

All orientable flexible goosenecks manufactured by ABEILLON are suitable to support different models of UHF and VHF tactical antennas which are designed by our company as well.

The company ABEILLON has been providing its expertise in the field of support and protection of on-board tactical antennas for over twenty years. Our know-how and our adaptation and production capacity allow us to offer catalog solutions, but also tailor-made solutions.

In order to maintain the performance and quality, our tactical antennas range is designed and manufactured in our factory in France and is subject to a continual improvement process.

ABEILLON offers a range of fixed and adjustable position semi-rigid, gooseneck type flexible mounts, for OEMs with spatial positioning and shock protection needs, antennas and other devices working in frequency bands up to approx. 5GHz.

These supports, following three predefined lengths (195 MM, 255 MM, 315 MM) are equipped with male N type UHF connectors or TNC at both ends. Both are protected by a black heat-shrink polyolefin sheath. The maximum suspended mass admissible by these UHF flexible supports, in a vertical position bent by their middle at 90°, is 1,500 grams, 1,100 grams, 700 grams, depending on the length of the gooseneck equipped with its connectors.

From mounts for tactical antennas and other devices working in UHF-type frequency ranges, to OEMs with needs for single-axis positioning and shock protection of the supported device. These mounts are usually installed on off-road military vehicles. They allow the positioning of the antenna at a certain imposed height (case of an antenna) while resting on a supporting structure that can be relatively far from the antenna connection plane. Such a support device is designed to protect itself and the antenna in case of collision.

Thus, it is made out of rigid elements and the flexible gooseneck elements allowing the assembly to disappear in the event of a collision with an object belonging to the field of operation. Several electrical connection strategies are possible according to the requirements in terms of maintenance or replacement of the antenna and according to the requirements in terms of performance and choice of electromagnetic design previously defined by the customer.

Antenna supports in the HF and VHF frequency ranges for needs in terms of spatial orientation of the antenna (case of antennas on board portable radio) or for needs in terms of protection against collisions (case of antennas on all-terrain vehicles). These antenna supports are generally made according to customer specific plans and needs.

The clients whom ABEILLON could supply to are the manufacturers of tactical HF communication equipment.


Tactical antenna support

ABEILLON’s Flexible goosenecks are ideal to support tactical radio or drones antennas, allowing them to remain in a given position, and thus optimizing the radiocommunication quality.

ABEILLON’s Flexible extensions for portable radio are mainly used on tactical handheld radios. These flexible adjustable bases are ideal for supporting short antennas or blade antennas also manufactured by ABEILLON.


Item name ABEILLON reference

The specific design of our gooseneck extensions allows them to withstand various climatic, chemical or mechanical aggressions (tests carried out according to standard MIL military specifications or customer specifications defense).

These various models of flexible bases, orientable or not, can be equipped at each of their specific connection ends according to the customer’s request (metric thread, Anglo-Saxon, BNC, TNC, N  type connector…).

All orientable flexible goosenecks manufactured by Abeillon are able to support the different models of UHF and VHF antennas designed by our company. To learn more about the radio antennas for the army, do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to tactical antennas for the military.

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