Broadcast microphone supports

An indispensable element of a radio broadcast set, the broadcast microphone, as its name suggests, broad and cast, means “to distribute” and allows the broadcast of content (sounds) simultaneously to a large audience via radio waves. 

Microphones are installed on radio and television broadcast sets using microphone support equipment to allow speakers to express themselves from a fixed position.

Abeillon, expert in broadcast microphone supports

Specialized in the design and manufacture of semi-rigid hoses, ABEILLON has been bringing its expertise to the field of mechanical support for over 70 years. 

The company produces micro-broadcast support solutions for radio broadcasting companies, ready to be installed on broadcasting platforms.

ABEILLON offers various mounting accessories as well as several tips specially designed to equip the upper part of the microphone stand. 

These end caps ensure that dynamic microphones such as ” TECHNICA BP40 audio microphone “, ” SHURE BETA57A microphone” ” SHURE SM7 ” are held in position.  or to accommodate an XLR type plug.

Microphone broadcast SUPPORTS, Abeillon
Microphone broadcast SUPPORTS, Abeillon

Micro-broadcast support solutions

The micro-broadcast support solutions are made of semi-rigid flexible (gooseneck), and for some of the micro supports, of rigid tubular elements in the lower part. The whole can be coated with a paint or a matt colored sheath.

ABEILLON makes several configurations of microphone supports, which it adapts according to the needs, the integration constraints and the expectations of each radio animation company.

A lot of equipment

It also implements specific support equipment for micro-broadcast on request, for television programs. 

The design of the support is carried out according to several criteria which can be:

  • The mass of the microphone and the length of the microphone stand

The outer diameter of the flexible stand varies according to the mass of the microphone and the spatial range requirements (desired stand length).

An example title :

Microphone broadcast SUPPORTS, Abeillon

  • The fixing table or the desk

ABEILLON is able to offer several accessories and fixing solutions on table or desk according to the specific needs of each radio animation company.

  • The type of microphone

The choice of connectors is determined by the type of microphone. 

Specially designed tips are fitted to the upper part of the stand to hold the microphone in a static position.

  • The aesthetic

The visual and harmonious integration on radio broadcasting sets requires equipment whose aesthetics are very important

For this reason, the flexible supports are designed to allow the passage of the electrical micro cable inside them. 

ABEILLON is able to adapt the ends of the support to make the power cable pass on the side of the hose or in the longitudinal axis of the hose.

Microphone broadcast SUPPORTS, Abeillon

Expert in lighting solutions

As an expert in lighting solutions, ABEILLON uses its know-how in several industries to produce red signaling lamps with LED technology

These lamps are made of semi-rigid flexible material and are used for the distribution of speech among the speakers on a broadcasting set.In order to offer you the best solution for your needs, please consult our AUDIO FLEXIBRODCAST catalog.