Specialising in the design and manufacture of semi-rigid hoses, ABEILLON brings its expertise to the industrial sector. With a remarkable know-how and a large capacity of adaptation and production, ABEILLON offers innovative tailor-made solutions. ABEILLON’s competence in the industrial sector is expressed in 3 areas:

  • Lighting industry: With the capacity to meet very specific demands from a product, industrial and logistical point of view, the lighting industry is one of Abeillon’s areas of excellence. Abeillon applies its expertise and agility to develop a diversified production range of lamps for different industries, in particular:
  • Medical: Abeillon has been designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for the medical sector since 1948. This expertise is shown through its large range of lighting systems, flexible tubes and supports that Abeillon offers. One of Abeillon’s outstanding innovations in the medical lighting industry is the ELC-300 LED medical examination lamp, which is one of the many products dedicated to the medical sector that the company offers in its COMBIMED catalogue.
  • Defence: Abeillon is also specialised in the production of lamps for the defence sector, with over 20 years of experience. Among other items, it manufactures military Map Lights based on flexible shape memory (semi-rigid) for cockpits and command posts in military vehicles, warships and aircraft. Abeillon produces military lamps in response to client requirements. Major military vehicle constructors have put their confidence in Abeillon over the years. For more information, please contact us.
  • Flexible tubes for machine tools. As a specialist in flexible lubrication tubes for machine tools, Abeillon has developed expertise in meeting industry needs via specific solutions, including semirigid tubes and accessories. Equipped with internal sleeving, these are designed for the removal of fluids or compressed air. 
  • Fixing and support accessories: For all industrial or service applications (instrumentation, electronics and other industries) Abeillon offers a set of standardised fixing accessories and standardised flexible tube supports, available in stock and which can be delivered between 2 and 5 days. These accessories are components from the COMBI-INDUSTRY catalogue that group together various solutions that Abeillon offers for the industrial sector.

For more information on the COMBI-INDUSTRY catalogue please get in touch.