AbeillonAreas of expertise

The ABEILLON company is at your disposal and accompanies you from the phase of specification of your needs and throughout your developments.

In order to initiate the specification of your needs, we suggest that you complete the ABEILLON specification document.

Most of the products presented in the sections excluding “catalog products” are illustrations of specific achievements. We invite you to browse all the “product” sections to allow you to appreciate the range of possibilities offered by our mechanical support solutions.

Engineering and manufacturing of mechanical products in the fields:

  • Springs,
  • Semi-rigid hose,
  • Metal strips,
  • Metal end caps and fittings fitted to semi-rigid hoses and springs,
  • Finishing or wrapping materials for semi-rigid hoses,
  • Any other product using semi-rigid hoses
  • Special LED technology lamps

Expertise, AbeillonExpertise, Abeillon

Control of small and medium production processes:

  • For forming and winding springs and semi-rigid hoses
  • Cutting and preparation processes
  • Crimping
  • Welding
  • Sheathing
  • The painting
  • The assembly
  • Static and dynamic mechanical tests

Expertise, Abeillon

Control of the industrial integration of small mechanical components and highly specialized industrial services from industrial partners.

Production capacity :

  • Up to 100,000 pieces / year
  • Size of the manufacturing and delivery batches: from single piece up to 5000 pieces.

Logistic organization allowing the delivery within 2 to 5 days

With departure each working day towards the whole world.

For industrial customers and expert business users in the fields of :

  • Medical equipment
  • Instrumentation and control & monitoring systems
  • Radio frequency
  • Audio
  • Broadcast
  • Lighting
  • Mechanical industry

From any country nationality.


In order to maintain the quality of our products, ABEILLON undertakes to comply with technical standards and quality approvals that comply with standard requirements and regulatory frameworks issued by international authorities. The implementation of this quality management system makes it possible to validate the conformity of our products and our services.

Each year, we conduct several improvement audits in order to maintain a high level of quality for all of our products, as well as to improve satisfaction of our French and international customers. 

ABEILLON currently has the following certificates of conformity:

Expertise, Abeillon


A product marked “CE” meets certain technical standards and acquires the right of free movement throughout the European Union.

Expertise, Abeillon


ABEILLON uses materials and processes that comply with the REACH and RoHS regulations in force to limit the use of hazardous substances.

Expertise, Abeillon


The development, manufacturing and after-sales service of all the products offered by ABEILLON are carried out in France, within our company

Expertise, Abeillon


The quality management system at Abeillon is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Please download the certificate here.