Headset hoses, also known as flexible gooseneck for boom microphone, are an essential part of communication and recording equipment.

Usually attached to a helmet, they are used in many types of applications, including music, theater, radio communications, and motorsports communications. They are often used by singers, musicians, radio hosts and racing drivers to communicate safely and effectively while on the move. The headset microphone flexes also allow users to communicate undisturbed by outside noise while keeping their hands free to play music or maneuver their vehicle. and allow you to communicate with complete peace of mind while on the move.

Specialist in the design and manufacture of flexible gooseneck, ABEILLON has been bringing its expertise to the audio field for over 25 years. It manufactures audio hoses for military and civil applications.

ABEILLON has different ranges of audio hoses: 

  • The range of hoses with an outside diameter of 2.75mm to 6mm for military applications (microphone supports for police and army helmets) or civil applications
  • The range of 8 to 10 mm outer diameter hoses for conference rooms

Shape memory headset hoses are made from various metals such as stainless steel, brass or aluminum. These metals are chosen for their corrosion resistance, durability and impact resistance.

ABEILLON audio hoses are of excellent quality. They are designed to be flexible yet sturdy, allowing them to adapt easily to the speaker’s movements, while keeping the microphone securely in place. They are also sheathed or painted to protect them from wear and tear, making them an excellent long-term investment.

Headset hoses are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are tested for durability, flexibility and stability, as well as the level of background noise and echo reduction they provide. 

ABEILLON audio hoses are generally offered in the outer diameter range from 2.5 or 3 mm to 6 mm. These gooseneck hoses can be covered or painted with a sleeve and equipped with adapters at one or both ends.

ABEILLON can also provide end fittings with different end fitting geometries (if the hose is not fitted with end fittings), as well as logo marking or any other inscription when the hose is covered with a sheath.

ABEILLON does not just produce quality hoses. It also provides custom-made hoses for special needs.

Our engineering team works closely with customers to understand their requirements and develop flexible solutions that meet their exact specifications. In addition, ABEILLON always strives to meet the specific needs of its customers, by offering them an unrivaled level of service, which has earned it its reputation.

In order to find the most suitable solution for your needs, please contact us  or refer to our catalog