The FLEXIJET catalogue presents the complete range of high quality flexible hoses designed for Fluid ejection. These hoses are used on machine tools to circulate cutting, lubrication and cooling fluids to machine parts.

Every industrial application requires unique specifications, which is why we have developed a wide selection of machine tool hoses. Whether you need hoses for transferring liquids or gases, lubricating oils or cooling agents, FlexiJet offers options to suit every situation.
Flexijets are designed for contact lubrication of tools and parts on machine tools. Abeillon has a wide range of flexible and semi-rigid metal hoses for liquid ejection to enable the lubrication process.

These flexijets are semi-rigid, watertight, robust and versatile. They are manufactured according to specific customer requirements, including casing, dimensions and terminations. Due to their metallic design, these flexible tubes offer excellent mechanical durability and strength.
Our hoses are designed to be easy to install and handle, saving valuable time in day-to-day operations.
All our hoses are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure safe and reliable use. We use high-quality materials that are resistant to chemicals and to the working pressures typically associated with low-pressure fluid ejection. In addition, our hoses undergo extensive quality testing to ensure that they meet the most stringent requirements in terms of performance and durability.

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FLEXIJET Catalog, Abeillon
FLEXIJET Catalog, Abeillon
FLEXIJET Catalog, Abeillon