UHF extensions made by ABEILLON

The UHF extensions, made by ABEILLON, are dedicated to the transmission and reception of signals in the frequency range from 500 MHz to 5000 MHz.

ABEILLON produces antenna extensions of its own design, but also according to customer specifications. These extensions incorporate different types of connectors: (N, TNC, SMA) and flexible goosenecks of different diameters and lengths. 

They can support objects (transmitters/receivers) of different masses, and are mainly used to support and orientate UHF antennas for civil or military applications.

The function of the flexible support is the transmission of transmitted or received signals with the least possible loss. 

UHF Extensions, Abeillon
UHF Extensions, Abeillon

Determine their performance


In order to determine their performance, and to validate the different mechanical links, ABEILLON technicians have performed frequency tests on different configurations of flexible UHF extensions

They measured the standing wave ratio, the transfer impedance and the shielding efficiency. 

The electromagnetic tests carried out reveal that the angular position of the hose has very little impact on the performance of the UHF extension.

Different results


The measured physical value curves show the responses to the injected signal in different frequency ranges.

The results are shown in the following curves for several extension configurations using N and TNC type connectors with hoses of different lengths, as well as according to several spatial orientations (straight position, 90°, 180°).

ABEILLON’s extensions are made of semi-rigid hoses which are manufactured in brass and stainless steel and are covered with a black polyolefin sheath that can withstand severe conditions. They are operational in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

UHF Extensions, Abeillon