Military map light / LED task light

ABEILLON, has over 70 years experience in the global supply of robust gooseneck solutions for industry. The company has been developing high performance dual mode LED Map ‘task’ lights for military applications. Some of these map lights are registered with a NATO Stock Number (NSN) :


Our map light solutions, equipped with a flexible gooseneck arm are tailored in order to suit customer operational requirements.

ABEILLON military map readers can be used on armoured vehicles, shelters, helicopters, surface ships and submarines. Their advanced LED technology can be integrated with unique features. Features such as an optical dimming mechanism, colour options (red, green, blue and white). But also the management of a switch-off mode and a rotating light head.

In addition to this, the specifications of these map readers include an essential aspect that ABEILLON has mastered perfectly. This is the compatibility with the use of night vision binoculars (NVIS) which allow you to see in total darkness.

Also, due to its latest generation of LEDs, these military map lights have the highest precision and quality of light without loss of brightness to optimise and target areas of illumination with a lifetime of over 50,000 hours.

The key benefits of these map lights include providing visual comfort for the user and featuring excellent color rendering in illuminated areas. The LED map reading lights manufactured by ABEILLON emit neither heat nor UV, making them convenient for supplemental lighting (in a cockpit or in a vessel’s control rooms, for instance) in order to perform key tasks in a closed environment.

In addition, our LED task lights feature a flexible gooseneck arm which enables smoother movement capability.

For any additional information or specific requests on our military map light / LED task light, we kindly invite you to contact us.

NSN Item name ABEILLON reference