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This medical examination light is a part of the COMBIMED range and its catalog. It is available in stock and can be delivered in less than a week.

ABEILLON’s medical examination lights range is intended for health care professionals. Their new generation LED technology benefits from the latest innovations in terms of light qualities, power and color temperature and combines performance, ergonomics and design. They are specifically designed to optimize the comfort of the practitioner during medical consultations, examinations or interventions.

Thanks to their latest-generation LEDs, these lamps have the highest accuracy and quality of light without loss of light, making it possible to optimize and target lighting zones with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

They provide visual comfort for the practitioner and feature selectable color temperature feature, color rendering in the tissues and emit neither heat nor UV, making them multi-purpose, ideally recommended for exams in :


  • Gynecology
  • Dermatology
  • Podiatry
  • General

These medical examination lights have been designed to consume less energy while having more light output.

In order to avoid any risk of infection by cross-contamination or the development of bacteria and to facilitate the cleaning process, our medical examination lights, by their design, their smooth surfaces and the quality of the materials are free of any opening (articulated elements, asperities) susceptible to conceal foreign bodies. They are also compatible with ANIOS disinfectant products.

The ergonomic design which features a flexible gooseneck arm allows ease of handling with a 360° swivel, thus why these medical examination lights lamps offer great flexibility of daily use.

In order to maintain the performance and the quality of our products, all our LED lighting systems are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France and are the subject of a constant search for improvement.

To find out more about medical lamps, please contact Abeillon S.A., designer and manufacturer of medical lamps.