The Company Abeillon

AbeillonIndustrial company

Abeillon is an industrial company involved in Sales, industrial engineering, manufacture and delivery of HF/VHF/UHF antennas and flexible goosenecks for the following sectors: defence, audio, lighting, medical, industry

We have been, for more than 70 years, designer and manufacturer of semi-rigid hoses (goosenecks) for different industries with needs in support, protection and fixed positioning in space of control and monitoring devices, or any other type of devices.

Our customers are mainly designer and manufacturers of Audio, Security, Lighting, Medical, Instrumentation, Mechanics equipment.

Finally, we manufacture metal strip or blade based products whose historical applications are omnidirectional portable antennas.

A large part of our activity is oriented towards the manufacture of semi-rigid hoses on customer-specific requests.

As such we are able to assist you in clarifying your need and throughout the design- validation process to achieve the best solution that can be integrated into your system and into the user environment.

AbeillonKey dates


foundation of Abeillon

In the early 1950s, ABEILLON was specialized in manufacturing
small bellows or diaphragm type mechanical components for the building and appliances.

Design and manufacturing of hoses for Machine Tools


Flexible manufacturing for the lighting market


Realization of band antennas and antennas supports for the Armies


Realization of flexible supports for Medical applications


Realization of flexible for the markets of Audio


Design and manufacture of card table reading lamps for military applications


We are located in the Paris region, in an industrial fabric bringing together all partners and logistical means contributing to the reputation of the company ABEILLON and the satisfaction of its customers in France and around the world.