As a specialist in the design and manufacture of semirigid tubes and specific industry supports, ABEILLON has been providing its expertise in the audio field for over twenty years. Our know-how, combined with our ability to adapt, allows us to supply tailor-made solutions to our customers, and to offer our flexible solutions for each use case.

Design of the audio hose tubes

The quality and mechanical performance of our products allow us to meet the specific needs of the army, police and firefighters. These are demanding users, for whom perfection is a necessity ! These specific professions attracted by the quality of our products and the professionalism of the ABEILLON team.

We offer you a wide range of audio flexible tubes. The technical characteristics that meet the uses for which they are intended, and excellent performance in maintaining spatial position.

The audio flexible tubes designed and manufactured in our factory located in the Paris region, are characterized by their dimensions and finishes agreed with our customers. The outside diameter can range from less than 3 MM to generally 6 or 8 MM and can be coated with a black sheath or painted. Therefore, we can prepare the tube ends to accommodate a microphone at one end and the connecting part with the headphone base at the other end. 

Know-how of a company of professionals

This preparation consists of stripping the cable ends or crimping or gluing one or two intermediate connectors together. The materials used hand in hand with an appropriate manufacturing process enable our audio tubes to withstand a static load in a fixed spatial position. Thus, they retain their mechanical properties even after a high number of bending cycles. Bending cycle fatigue tests can be carried out in our test laboratory during the product validation phase. Marking can be applied to the liner on the basis of a text or drawing, supplied by our customers.

Our industrial site is equipped with machinery dedicated to the manufacture of springs, crimping, forming semirigid flexible tubes, cutting and preparation of the ends, assembly, painting, sheathing, marking. These manufacturing means offer a production capacity of up to 200,000 parts per year in all the different fields considered together. This is achieved by a highly skilled workforce supported by robust manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, our design office, our quality department and our business managers are at your service. They are accompanying you from the product development phase, including delivery and tests on prototype parts, to the entire manufacturing and delivery process in the production phase. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.