LED medical examination lamp ELC 300

Abeillon S.A. has been creating and distributing medical lamps since 1990. This gives them a wide variety of lighting options, including lighting support systems, provided by the company. The ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp is designed to enhance a doctor’s comfort during a surgical procedure or examination. The lamp uses LED technology, which is new and innovative in terms of light quality, power and light temperature. It combines ergonomic design, performance and light to create an exceptional product.

The ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp

The ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp was created for professionals. It has many advanced features for high-end professional equipment.

Outstanding lighting quality

The latest generation of LEDs in the ELC 300 lamp has excellent precision and lighting quality, allowing the lamp to be optimised and focused, resulting in a high ratio of power consumption to light output.
The ELC 300 LED lamp facilitates the visual comfort of the practitioner. The light emitted by the LEDs is natural and has an excellent colour rendering on the tissue, it does not emit heat or UV. As a result, it is the most professional of all lamps and is specifically designed to accommodate medical examinations.
In the interests of performance and quality, all Abeillon LED lighting systems are designed and manufactured in their French factories, and are constantly focused on improvement.

Optimised ergonomics

The ergonomics of the ELC 300 lamp have been carefully designed for simple, functional and durable use, whatever the examination.
The entire luminaire is designed to facilitate daily medical practice. As a result, the ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp offers a high degree of operating flexibility combined with a limited lamp head size to optimise the doctor’s field of vision.
Equipped with flexible arms, the medical examination lamp is also easy to handle and can be rotated 360° for flexibility of use.
In addition to its practicality, this LED medical examination lamp is also available in a variety of colour options to match current medical furniture designs.

Extreme precision

The ELC 300 medical examination lamp is part of the basic equipment for high-precision illumination without any loss of light. They are therefore particularly popular with professionals who carry out high-precision inspections.

Hygiene is preserved thanks to the ELC 300 easy cleaning

The ELC 300 examination lamp is designed to facilitate cleaning and avoid any risk of infection, in compliance with the hygiene standards laid down by French regulations. To this end, the lights have no roughness or angles that would favour the growth of bacteria.
The lamp has no openings that could hide foreign bodies, thus limiting any risk of infection due to cross-contamination or bacterial proliferation. The ELC 300 is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface and high quality materials. It is also compatible with ANIOS disinfectants.
The ELC 300 LED lamp is therefore particularly suitable for use in sterile examination rooms or work areas where the risk of contamination should be as low as possible.

The structure of the LED medical examination lamp

The ELC 300 is designed with a one-piece aluminium head and base, ensuring robustness and durability. The flexible semi-rigid material supporting the head is covered with a polyolefin sheath for easy handling at 5°C. Tests have been carried out to ensure that the hose is rigid and bends without breaking. As a result, this medical examination light is the perfect solution to the problems faced by hospitals.


Very practical and easy to install, the model has a base allowing mechanical and electrical mounting of the light on a desk. The installation is done by means of a connector or a threaded end, to which is associated a protection element limiting the disturbances of parasitic electric waves.

Technical characteristics of the ELC 300 medical examination lamp

The ELC 300 examination lamps have technical features that make them the first choice for all medical practitioners.


The ELC 30 is equipped with innovative LED technology, which reduces energy consumption while providing excellent lighting quality. The advantages of LED are numerous:

  • LED lighting with a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours ;
  • Very close to daylight, with a colour temperature of 5000°K (neutral white);
  • A colour rendering index greater than 85 (a CRI of 100 corresponds to natural light);
  • No heat release on the area to be treated;

No warm-up time


A high performance luminous flux

Expressed in lumen (lm), the luminous flux designates the quantity of light emitted by the light source. It is also possible to calculate the luminous flux received by a surface, depending on the distance separating it from the luminaire. This is called lux. The ELC 300 lamp has a high luminous flux, regardless of the distance from the surface to be illuminated.

  • Distance 30 cm 50 cm 100 cm
  • Light intensity 15 800 lux 5 700 lux 1 400 lux


The power supply of the medical examination lamp

The power supply for the LED medical examination lamp complies with the relevant safety standards:

  • Universal multi-voltage supply range: 100 – 240 VAC, class 1 ;
  • Power consumption: 3W;
  • Power cord: Europe, length 2.20 m.


Dimensions of the medical examination lamp

Specially designed for the practitioner’s comfort, the LED medical examination lamp is ergonomic and functional:

  • Lamp head: length 64 mm, diameter 55 mm ;
  • PVC-coated hose: length 700 mm, external diameter 15.5 mm ;
  • Lamp base: length 105mm, diameter 64 mm ;
  • Total weight of the lamp: 1,410 Kg.


References of the LED examination lamp ELC 300

The ELC 300 LED examination lamp meets various qualifications. Tests were thus carried out by the LCIE (the Central Laboratory of Electrical Industries) in March 2015, in accordance with the requirements of the following standards:

  • EN 60598-1 ;
  • EN 60598-2-25 ;
  • EN 60601-1-2 ;
  • EN 62471.


The options of the LED medical examination lamp ELC 300

In order to meet the requirements of all professionals, the ELC 300 LED examination lamp offers various options for easy installation:

  • Hose length: 500 mm – 900 mm ;
  • Power cords: GBR-UK, DNK-Denmark, AUS-Australia, CHE-Switzerland (others on request).

Rugged durability

The LED medical examination lamp combines LED technology and durable materials to have perfect mechanical durability over time. With an illumination time of 50,000 hours and a solid structure, the lamp has a long service life.


The different uses of the ELC300 LED lamp

The ELC300 LED lamp is perfectly suited for high-precision work in many professions in the medical sector.


Medical examination lamp for general practice

In a general practice, this lamp is perfectly suited for the daily examination and treatment of general practitioners. Often mounted on a telescopic stand with wheels, the lamp can be quickly placed close to the patient to provide optimal lighting for the doctor. Flexible and movable, it adapts to the doctor’s needs, providing natural light for better diagnosis.


Medical examination lamp for dermatology

In dermatology practices, the ELC300 LED medical examination lamp allows practitioners to carry out examinations with excellent colour rendering, which facilitates diagnosis. In addition, the ability to quickly and accurately position the LED examination lamp allows for precise gestures and a highly accurate field of view.


Medical examination lamp for gynaecology

In obstetrics and gynaecology, the compact LED medical examination lamp ELC300 does not obstruct the movements and visibility of the practitioner. Thanks to the flexible hose on which the lamp head is fixed, the light beam can be easily and quickly positioned to perfectly illuminate the area to be examined. The near daylight LED illumination also provides optimal colour rendering for easy diagnosis.


Medical examination lamp for podiatry

In podiatry practices, practitioners use the ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp with a flexible hose that shines evenly on the area to be examined. Podiatrists use medical examination lamps with a high light output to avoid flicker and brightness, so that they can work in optimal conditions.


Why choose LED technology?

More and more medical practices are turning to LED bulbs for the reasons mentioned above. However, the halogen examination lamp is still widely used, even though it has many impractical characteristics in everyday life:

  • The halogen bulb diffuses a warm light, further away from natural light. This alters the perception of colours, such as skin tone, and can be a source of diagnostic error;
  • the light intensity of the halogen is very powerful, and can attack the eye of the practitioner, but also that of the patient;
  • The halogen lamp diffuses heat, which can be annoying when the lamp is installed close to the area to be examined (feeling of heat, drying of the skin…) ;
  • A halogen lamp consumes a lot of electricity.

Finally, the use of the LED lamp remains more advantageous and practical than the halogen lamp, even if the latter has a higher cost. This is why Abeillon has specialised in LED lighting for medical professionals. The ELC 300 LED lamp combines all the advantages required for a comfortable and efficient practice.

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