Semi-rigid metal hoses are fundamental components in a wide range of industries. They take the form of flexible metal tubes, specially designed to combine flexibility and strength. Unlike plastic or rubber alternatives, these hoses retain a partially rigid structure while allowing a degree of flexibility, making them ideally suited to a multitude of applications. Made from various metals such as stainless steel or aluminum, they are selected according to the specific requirements of each application. Thanks to their durability and reliability, semi-rigid metal hoses are widely used in a variety of sectors, including plumbing, automotive and aerospace.

What is a semi-rigid metal hose?

A semi-rigid hose is a tubular device with a remarkable shape memory, enabling it to maintain its flexibility and resist deformation under external loads. It functions as a versatile mechanical support solution for a variety of applications.

Comprising an ingenious arrangement of springs and integrated profiles between each coil, they offer enhanced durability and superior adaptability to harsh environments.

The different advantages and applications for Abeillon’s semi-rigid hoses

The advantages of semi-rigid metal hoses are numerous. Their precise positioning, corrosion resistance, durability and ability to withstand high temperatures make them ideal choices for a wide range of industrial applications such as fluid transport, hydraulic systems, heating and air-conditioning equipment, as well as in the oil and gas industry.

Defense applications

Semi-rigid hose is used in the military and defense industries for the design of customized equipment, such as :


  • Military antennas and semi-rigid antenna supports.



  • Map-reading lamps.



  • Audio hoses for headphones.


All you need to know about semi-rigid metal hoses: How to buy and use them, Abeillon

Industrial applications

In the industrial sector, semi-rigid hoses are used in a variety of areas, including:

  • Hoses for machine tools, for cutting fluid circulation, cooling of machined parts and lubrication.

  • Hoses for ejecting cutting fluids and low-pressure liquid fluids.

  • Instrumentation hoses.
All you need to know about semi-rigid metal hoses: How to buy and use them, Abeillon

Audio applications

Semi-rigid hoses are also used in the audio field, notably for :

      • Radio station microphone stands and equipment ready for installation on broadcast sets.

    • Headphones, where they are integrated to ensure flexibility and comfort of use.
All you need to know about semi-rigid metal hoses: How to buy and use them, Abeillon

Lighting applications

In the lighting industry, support solutions based on semi-rigid hoses enable the design of special lamps adapted to different needs, such as map-reading lamps known as “military lamps”, offering optimum flexibility of use.

Medical applications

In the medical field, semi-rigid hoses are widely used for a diverse range of medical device supports and accessories, contributing to the functionality and efficiency of medical equipment.

How to choose your semi-rigid metal hose?

To choose the right semi-rigid hose for your needs, it’s essential to define precise specifications from the outset. It’s essential to understand the application for which the semi-rigid hose will be used. Is it for industrial, medical, food or other use? It’s also important to consider the environment in which the hose will be used (temperature, pressure, chemicals present, etc.) to ensure product compatibility and durability.

Defining the right material is a crucial step in the selection process. Each material, whether galvanized steel, copper-plated steel, brass, etc., has its own mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. It is therefore advisable to turn to expert manufacturers such as ABEILLON for advice on the choice of material according to the specific requirements of the application and the environment.

Once the choice of material has been determined, it is important to define the diameter and corresponding length of the hose according to the specific needs of the application. In addition, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the semi-rigid hose with the system’s fittings and equipment to avoid possible leaks and ensure optimal operation.

By following these steps and working closely with our experts, you can choose the most suitable semi-rigid hose for your application, ensuring optimum performance and long-term satisfaction.

Maintenance tips

Regular maintenance of semi-rigid hoses is crucial to ensure their durability and maximum efficiency. To achieve this, it is essential to comply with the specified technical limits. It is advisable to avoid excessive bending or twisting of the hose in certain positions, as this could result in damage to the metal. It is also important to protect metal hose from exposure to harsh environments and extreme temperatures, to prevent corrosion and preserve its quality.

Semi-rigid hoses are proving to be versatile and indispensable solutions in many industrial sectors and specific applications. Their ability to provide stable positioning in space, protect supported devices and adapt to a variety of operating conditions make them essential components. Over the past 70 years, companies such as ABEILLON have developed and perfected a wide range of expertise in industrial techniques and know-how. This expertise enables them to respond precisely to the varied needs of their customers.