Interchangeable nozzle hoses

Low pressure fluid ejection hoses play a central role in the industrial sector by providing a robust and specialised solution. The interchangeable nozzle Flexijet is testimony to ABEILLON's extensive expertise in flexible solutions.

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Combimed Range Flexijet Range

Versatility and Reliability of Flexijets

Whether in machine tools, fluid ejection applications or instrumentation, our FLEXIJETS product range stands out for its versatility and reliability. These Flexijets are designed for efficient use in the circulation of cutting fluids, lubrication and cooling of machined parts on machine tools. 

Their metal design makes them exceptionally robust, ensuring durability even in demanding industrial environments, reinforced by a sleeve at the base to eliminate any risk of breakage.

In addition to their advanced technical performance, our Flexijets can be customised with a satin-finish PVC outer casing to meet the specific aesthetic and visual integration requirements of industry. 

Technical Features and Accessories of Flexijets

Flexijets, whether with fixed or interchangeable nozzles, meet strict standards to ensure optimum performance in a variety of industrial applications:

  • Semi-rigid: Flexijets maintain a fixed position in space, ensuring accurate distribution of liquids in machine tools and other equipment.
  • Watertight: The inner sheath of Flexijets guarantees a complete seal along their entire length, preventing unwanted leaks.
  • Tough: Manufactured from chrome-plated steel and fitted with a reinforcing cuff at the base, Flexijets offer exceptional strength and optimum durability, even in tough working conditions.


These Flexijets, whether with fixed or interchangeable nozzles, can be accompanied by accessories such as taps, round piercing nozzles, flat nozzles and adaptor sleeves, offering maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of each industrial application.

The part numbers for the different models of fixed-nozzle flexijet are shown below.