LED medical examination lamp ELC 300

LED medical examination lamp ELC 300

Abeillon S.A. has been creating and distributing medical lamps since 1990. This gives them a wide variety of lighting options, including lighting support systems, provided by the company. The ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp is designed to enhance a doctor’s comfort during a surgical procedure or examination. The lamp uses LED technology, which is new and innovative in terms of light quality, power and light temperature. It combines ergonomic design, performance and light to create an exceptional product.

The ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp

The ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp was created for professionals. It has many advanced features for high-end professional equipment.

Outstanding lighting quality

The latest generation of LEDs in the ELC 300 lamp has excellent precision and lighting quality, allowing the lamp to be optimised and focused, resulting in a high ratio of power consumption to light output.
The ELC 300 LED lamp facilitates the visual comfort of the practitioner. The light emitted by the LEDs is natural and has an excellent colour rendering on the tissue, it does not emit heat or UV. As a result, it is the most professional of all lamps and is specifically designed to accommodate medical examinations.
In the interests of performance and quality, all Abeillon LED lighting systems are designed and manufactured in their French factories, and are constantly focused on improvement.

Optimised ergonomics

The ergonomics of the ELC 300 lamp have been carefully designed for simple, functional and durable use, whatever the examination.
The entire luminaire is designed to facilitate daily medical practice. As a result, the ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp offers a high degree of operating flexibility combined with a limited lamp head size to optimise the doctor’s field of vision.
Equipped with flexible arms, the medical examination lamp is also easy to handle and can be rotated 360° for flexibility of use.
In addition to its practicality, this LED medical examination lamp is also available in a variety of colour options to match current medical furniture designs.

Extreme precision

The ELC 300 medical examination lamp is part of the basic equipment for high-precision illumination without any loss of light. They are therefore particularly popular with professionals who carry out high-precision inspections.

Hygiene is preserved thanks to the ELC 300 easy cleaning

The ELC 300 examination lamp is designed to facilitate cleaning and avoid any risk of infection, in compliance with the hygiene standards laid down by French regulations. To this end, the lights have no roughness or angles that would favour the growth of bacteria.
The lamp has no openings that could hide foreign bodies, thus limiting any risk of infection due to cross-contamination or bacterial proliferation. The ELC 300 is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface and high quality materials. It is also compatible with ANIOS disinfectants.
The ELC 300 LED lamp is therefore particularly suitable for use in sterile examination rooms or work areas where the risk of contamination should be as low as possible.

The structure of the LED medical examination lamp

The ELC 300 is designed with a one-piece aluminium head and base, ensuring robustness and durability. The flexible semi-rigid material supporting the head is covered with a polyolefin sheath for easy handling at 5°C. Tests have been carried out to ensure that the hose is rigid and bends without breaking. As a result, this medical examination light is the perfect solution to the problems faced by hospitals.


Very practical and easy to install, the model has a base allowing mechanical and electrical mounting of the light on a desk. The installation is done by means of a connector or a threaded end, to which is associated a protection element limiting the disturbances of parasitic electric waves.

Technical characteristics of the ELC 300 medical examination lamp

The ELC 300 examination lamps have technical features that make them the first choice for all medical practitioners.


The ELC 30 is equipped with innovative LED technology, which reduces energy consumption while providing excellent lighting quality. The advantages of LED are numerous:

  • LED lighting with a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours ;
  • Very close to daylight, with a colour temperature of 5000°K (neutral white);
  • A colour rendering index greater than 85 (a CRI of 100 corresponds to natural light);
  • No heat release on the area to be treated;

No warm-up time


A high performance luminous flux

Expressed in lumen (lm), the luminous flux designates the quantity of light emitted by the light source. It is also possible to calculate the luminous flux received by a surface, depending on the distance separating it from the luminaire. This is called lux. The ELC 300 lamp has a high luminous flux, regardless of the distance from the surface to be illuminated.

  • Distance 30 cm 50 cm 100 cm
  • Light intensity 15 800 lux 5 700 lux 1 400 lux


The power supply of the medical examination lamp

The power supply for the LED medical examination lamp complies with the relevant safety standards:

  • Universal multi-voltage supply range: 100 – 240 VAC, class 1 ;
  • Power consumption: 3W;
  • Power cord: Europe, length 2.20 m.


Dimensions of the medical examination lamp

Specially designed for the practitioner’s comfort, the LED medical examination lamp is ergonomic and functional:

  • Lamp head: length 64 mm, diameter 55 mm ;
  • PVC-coated hose: length 700 mm, external diameter 15.5 mm ;
  • Lamp base: length 105mm, diameter 64 mm ;
  • Total weight of the lamp: 1,410 Kg.


References of the LED examination lamp ELC 300

The ELC 300 LED examination lamp meets various qualifications. Tests were thus carried out by the LCIE (the Central Laboratory of Electrical Industries) in March 2015, in accordance with the requirements of the following standards:

  • EN 60598-1 ;
  • EN 60598-2-25 ;
  • EN 60601-1-2 ;
  • EN 62471.


The options of the LED medical examination lamp ELC 300

In order to meet the requirements of all professionals, the ELC 300 LED examination lamp offers various options for easy installation:

  • Hose length: 500 mm – 900 mm ;
  • Power cords: GBR-UK, DNK-Denmark, AUS-Australia, CHE-Switzerland (others on request).

Rugged durability

The LED medical examination lamp combines LED technology and durable materials to have perfect mechanical durability over time. With an illumination time of 50,000 hours and a solid structure, the lamp has a long service life.


The different uses of the ELC300 LED lamp

The ELC300 LED lamp is perfectly suited for high-precision work in many professions in the medical sector.


Medical examination lamp for general practice

In a general practice, this lamp is perfectly suited for the daily examination and treatment of general practitioners. Often mounted on a telescopic stand with wheels, the lamp can be quickly placed close to the patient to provide optimal lighting for the doctor. Flexible and movable, it adapts to the doctor’s needs, providing natural light for better diagnosis.


Medical examination lamp for dermatology

In dermatology practices, the ELC300 LED medical examination lamp allows practitioners to carry out examinations with excellent colour rendering, which facilitates diagnosis. In addition, the ability to quickly and accurately position the LED examination lamp allows for precise gestures and a highly accurate field of view.


Medical examination lamp for gynaecology

In obstetrics and gynaecology, the compact LED medical examination lamp ELC300 does not obstruct the movements and visibility of the practitioner. Thanks to the flexible hose on which the lamp head is fixed, the light beam can be easily and quickly positioned to perfectly illuminate the area to be examined. The near daylight LED illumination also provides optimal colour rendering for easy diagnosis.


Medical examination lamp for podiatry

In podiatry practices, practitioners use the ELC 300 LED medical examination lamp with a flexible hose that shines evenly on the area to be examined. Podiatrists use medical examination lamps with a high light output to avoid flicker and brightness, so that they can work in optimal conditions.


Why choose LED technology?

More and more medical practices are turning to LED bulbs for the reasons mentioned above. However, the halogen examination lamp is still widely used, even though it has many impractical characteristics in everyday life:

  • The halogen bulb diffuses a warm light, further away from natural light. This alters the perception of colours, such as skin tone, and can be a source of diagnostic error;
  • the light intensity of the halogen is very powerful, and can attack the eye of the practitioner, but also that of the patient;
  • The halogen lamp diffuses heat, which can be annoying when the lamp is installed close to the area to be examined (feeling of heat, drying of the skin…) ;
  • A halogen lamp consumes a lot of electricity.

Finally, the use of the LED lamp remains more advantageous and practical than the halogen lamp, even if the latter has a higher cost. This is why Abeillon has specialised in LED lighting for medical professionals. The ELC 300 LED lamp combines all the advantages required for a comfortable and efficient practice.

Would you like to know more about LED medical examination lamps? Contact us: ABEILLON, European expert designer and manufacturer of medical examination lamps for health professionals.

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Military antenna mounts



Tactical radios are a vital part of modern military and law enforcement operations. These radios are used by soldiers, first responders and other personnel to communicate with each other in real time, even in the most difficult and hostile environments. However, in order for these radios to work effectively, they must be equipped with reliable, high-performance antennas.

ABEILLON manufacturer of antennas and supports for military antennas 

The company ABEILLON, specialist in military antenna support, manufactures antennas and supports for omnidirectional military antennas in the VHF and UHF frequency ranges for military applications. 

The importance of antenna support structures

The antenna support structure is one of the most important components of a tactical radio. The antenna must be securely attached to the radio and be able to withstand the stresses of transportation and field use. ABEILLON designs the following antenna mounts:

  • Flexible bases for military vehicles

They are used to support antennas mounted on tanks and military vehicles

Supports d'antennesSupports d'antennesSupports d'antennesSupports d'antennesSupports d'antennesSupports d'antennes

  • Flexible and rotatable bases for portable radios

They are used to support radiocommunication antennas while allowing them to keep a given position. These bases are mainly used on portable radios and are ideal for supporting the antennas and tapes manufactured by ABEILLON.


The advantages of flexible metal gooseneck mounts

A flexible metal gooseneck is a durable and versatile mounting solution that allows the antenna to be positioned in almost any direction. Unlike traditional plastic or rubber goosenecks, ABEILLON’s flexible metal goosenecks are made from a high quality metal, such as steel or aluminum, which offers increased strength and durability over other materials. Metal goosenecks are more resistant to temperature extremes, weathering and other environmental factors that can degrade the performance of plastic or rubber goosenecks over time. In addition, metal goosenecks are more flexible and durable, making them more resistant to physical damage from impact, bending and twisting.

The advantages of flexible mounts in tactical radio communications

The flexibility of the gooseneck itself is also important for tactical radio communications. The ability to adjust the position of the antenna on the fly allows for better communication in difficult terrain, such as mountainous or wooded areas, and the flexible gooseneck also makes it easier to store the antenna when not in use. The metal gooseneck also helps avoid interference from other sources, such as buildings, trees and even other radios, which can improve signal quality and extend the range of communications.

ABEILLON’s flexible metal gooseneck antenna mounts are the most popular antenna mounts on the market today for military field vehicles due to their excellent strength and impact protection.


  • Flexible and rotatable bases for portable radios

They are used to support radiocommunication antennas while allowing them to keep a given position. These bases are mainly used on portable radios and are ideal for supporting the antennas and tapes manufactured by ABEILLON.

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Flexible gooseneck for headset microphone


Headset hoses, also known as flexible gooseneck for boom microphone, are an essential part of communication and recording equipment.

Usually attached to a helmet, they are used in many types of applications, including music, theater, radio communications, and motorsports communications. They are often used by singers, musicians, radio hosts and racing drivers to communicate safely and effectively while on the move. The headset microphone flexes also allow users to communicate undisturbed by outside noise while keeping their hands free to play music or maneuver their vehicle. and allow you to communicate with complete peace of mind while on the move.

Specialist in the design and manufacture of flexible gooseneck, ABEILLON has been bringing its expertise to the audio field for over 25 years. It manufactures audio hoses for military and civil applications.

ABEILLON has different ranges of audio hoses: 

  • The range of hoses with an outside diameter of 2.75mm to 6mm for military applications (microphone supports for police and army helmets) or civil applications
  • The range of 8 to 10 mm outer diameter hoses for conference rooms

Shape memory headset hoses are made from various metals such as stainless steel, brass or aluminum. These metals are chosen for their corrosion resistance, durability and impact resistance.

ABEILLON audio hoses are of excellent quality. They are designed to be flexible yet sturdy, allowing them to adapt easily to the speaker’s movements, while keeping the microphone securely in place. They are also sheathed or painted to protect them from wear and tear, making them an excellent long-term investment.

Headset hoses are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are tested for durability, flexibility and stability, as well as the level of background noise and echo reduction they provide. 

ABEILLON audio hoses are generally offered in the outer diameter range from 2.5 or 3 mm to 6 mm. These gooseneck hoses can be covered or painted with a sleeve and equipped with adapters at one or both ends.

ABEILLON can also provide end fittings with different end fitting geometries (if the hose is not fitted with end fittings), as well as logo marking or any other inscription when the hose is covered with a sheath.

ABEILLON does not just produce quality hoses. It also provides custom-made hoses for special needs.

Our engineering team works closely with customers to understand their requirements and develop flexible solutions that meet their exact specifications. In addition, ABEILLON always strives to meet the specific needs of its customers, by offering them an unrivaled level of service, which has earned it its reputation.

In order to find the most suitable solution for your needs, please contact us  or refer to our catalog

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Microphone broadcast SUPPORTS

Broadcast microphone supports

An indispensable element of a radio broadcast set, the broadcast microphone, as its name suggests, broad and cast, means “to distribute” and allows the broadcast of content (sounds) simultaneously to a large audience via radio waves. 

Microphones are installed on radio and television broadcast sets using microphone support equipment to allow speakers to express themselves from a fixed position.

Abeillon, expert in broadcast microphone supports

Specialized in the design and manufacture of semi-rigid hoses, ABEILLON has been bringing its expertise to the field of mechanical support for over 70 years. 

The company produces micro-broadcast support solutions for radio broadcasting companies, ready to be installed on broadcasting platforms.

ABEILLON offers various mounting accessories as well as several tips specially designed to equip the upper part of the microphone stand. 

These end caps ensure that dynamic microphones such as ” TECHNICA BP40 audio microphone “, ” SHURE BETA57A microphone” ” SHURE SM7 ” are held in position.  or to accommodate an XLR type plug.

Broadcast microphone supports
Broadcast microphone supports

Micro-broadcast support solutions

The micro-broadcast support solutions are made of semi-rigid flexible (gooseneck), and for some of the micro supports, of rigid tubular elements in the lower part. The whole can be coated with a paint or a matt colored sheath.

ABEILLON makes several configurations of microphone supports, which it adapts according to the needs, the integration constraints and the expectations of each radio animation company.

A lot of equipment

It also implements specific support equipment for micro-broadcast on request, for television programs. 

The design of the support is carried out according to several criteria which can be:

  • The mass of the microphone and the length of the microphone stand

The outer diameter of the flexible stand varies according to the mass of the microphone and the spatial range requirements (desired stand length).

An example title :

Broadcast microphone supports

  • The fixing table or the desk

ABEILLON is able to offer several accessories and fixing solutions on table or desk according to the specific needs of each radio animation company.

  • The type of microphone

The choice of connectors is determined by the type of microphone. 

Specially designed tips are fitted to the upper part of the stand to hold the microphone in a static position.

  • The aesthetic

The visual and harmonious integration on radio broadcasting sets requires equipment whose aesthetics are very important

For this reason, the flexible supports are designed to allow the passage of the electrical micro cable inside them. 

ABEILLON is able to adapt the ends of the support to make the power cable pass on the side of the hose or in the longitudinal axis of the hose.

Broadcast microphone supports

Expert in lighting solutions

As an expert in lighting solutions, ABEILLON uses its know-how in several industries to produce red signaling lamps with LED technology

These lamps are made of semi-rigid flexible material and are used for the distribution of speech among the speakers on a broadcasting set.In order to offer you the best solution for your needs, please consult our AUDIO FLEXIBRODCAST catalog.

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UHF Extensions


UHF extensions made by ABEILLON

The UHF extensions, made by ABEILLON, are dedicated to the transmission and reception of signals in the frequency range from 500 MHz to 5000 MHz.

ABEILLON produces antenna extensions of its own design, but also according to customer specifications. These extensions incorporate different types of connectors: (N, TNC, SMA) and flexible goosenecks of different diameters and lengths. 

They can support objects (transmitters/receivers) of different masses, and are mainly used to support and orientate UHF antennas for civil or military applications.

The function of the flexible support is the transmission of transmitted or received signals with the least possible loss. 

UHF Extensions
UHF Extensions

Determine their performance


In order to determine their performance, and to validate the different mechanical links, ABEILLON technicians have performed frequency tests on different configurations of flexible UHF extensions

They measured the standing wave ratio, the transfer impedance and the shielding efficiency. 

The electromagnetic tests carried out reveal that the angular position of the hose has very little impact on the performance of the UHF extension.

Different results


The measured physical value curves show the responses to the injected signal in different frequency ranges.

The results are shown in the following curves for several extension configurations using N and TNC type connectors with hoses of different lengths, as well as according to several spatial orientations (straight position, 90°, 180°).

ABEILLON’s extensions are made of semi-rigid hoses which are manufactured in brass and stainless steel and are covered with a black polyolefin sheath that can withstand severe conditions. They are operational in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

UHF Extensions
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NSN catalogue

Flexible gooseneck for defence

ABEILLON is proud to support the defence industry with and proven technological solutions for armies in operation. Referenced by NATO under number NCAGE F9963, Abeillon groups all the products with a NATO Stock Number together in this catalogue. 

For further information on the products below, please fill in your email address and tick the corresponding boxes.

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